Bill Duncan

Bill Duncan

Name:  Bill Duncan

Age: 65

Employment: Retired Banker

Curling Club:  Bank ofScotland Perth & District

General Description:  Married to Avril with two grown up children, Debbie, who is also mother to our granddaughter Josephine, and Barry. Currently President of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, and I have curled for more than 40 years. I was delighted to be asked to Chair the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships inPerth at my home Ice Rink at Dewars Centre, where I had also been Chairman of the Board of Management from 2006 to 2011.

I have been Treasurer, and also presently Vice Chairman, of Perth Masters Bonspiel – a Curling Challenge Tour event, for the last 20 years.

Interests include golf, football, reading and travel.


Captain — 12 Comments

  1. Fantastic result fellow tourist and you have done Scottish curling proud by bringing the Strathcona Cup back to this side of the pond so that we have the bragging rights. Enjoy getting your photograph taken with the actual cup in Scotland and keep the celebrations and morning class going – for medicinal purposes only of course!!!!!!!

    Very well done to a Strathcona Cup winner,

    Cheers, Bill.

    • Congratulations on winning the Cup. Looking forward to seeing President Bill and Captain Willie in Victoria in April.


  2. Congratulations on winning the Strahcona Cup. This evening Anne and I went out onto the deck at the time we guessed you were flying overhead. We raised a glass and toasted the Scots and sang Flower of Scotland in your honour. Looking forward to seeing President Bill, Captain Willie, and any other tourists in Victoria in April.

  3. Tonight in Halifax we observed a fond farewell. Since you were flying over Halifax on your way home, at the appropriate hour we went out onto the deck and raised our glasses in a toast. We sang Flower of Scotland as we waved to your eastward departure. Looking forward to seeing President Bill, Captain Willie, and any others in Victoria in April.

  4. Bill,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful conversation yesterday and the lovely gifts. It was a pleasure meeting all of the tourists and I look forward to taking you up on your invitation to raise a pint next time I am in Perth. Best of luck on the rest of the tour.

    Scott Arnold

  5. Things are looking good………… too much time on internet….. even Ian and Alistair are paying attention. 61 players? Has no 61 had a game?

    Good luck. Jim Jackson from Fort Frances (now across the water to USA) sends good wishes. I might meet him in Victoria in April

  6. Hi Mr. Duncan,

    We are please to let you know that all the arrangement have been made for your event at the Donalda Club evening on January 19th.

    The last little things to be completed is your members participation o our Robbie burns dinner evening event and to see if extension to your 9PM departure could be made.

    Looking forward to our Ceilidh evening.


    • Hi Giles,

      We have circulated our Central Tour members and a number have stepped forward willing to participate in your Burns Dinner so we do not see a problem on this front. Our Central Tour secretary Peter Malcolm is pulling everything together and will be in touch with names, etc.

  7. Hi Mtr. Duncan,

    Just for a logistic point of view and dinner arrangement.Which tour will you be with on January 19th.

    • Gilles,

      On Saturday 19th January, I will be with you in Sherwood Park CC, as I fly into Calgary from Halifax to join the West Tour on Wednesday 16th January.

      I am really looking forward to the Tour, and having never been further to the West of Canada than Winnipeg, Manitoba, I am sure that it will be another exciting experience visiting Alberta and Saskatchewan. I am told by my fellow 2003 West tourists who visited your club, that we should look forward to a great welcome.

      The guys are getting all of our last minute preparations finalised, and they play the challenge game against the 2003 Tour this Saturday at Dewars Rinks in Perth.

      I look forward to seeing you on the 19th January – the days are counting down until we meet up for the trip – 57 to go.


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