Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton

Name: Iain Hamilton

Age: 67

Employment: Retired Civil Engineer (Head of Local Authority Roads Department)

Curling Clubs: Alma, Cadder, Nondescripts and Gadloch

General Description: Married to Debbie. Son Christopher, twin daughters Suzanne and Fiona. Three grandchildren. Brother has lived in Airdrie, Calgary, Canada for forty years. Involved  in scouting for over forty years. Played rugby and currently bowl (grass) in the summer. Enjoy dining out with friends, dancing and attending musicals.
I play third in the Alma curling team which has won the local province championship five times in the last ten years. Skipped a mixed team to victories in the Glayva Championship at North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer, Scotland (owned by “Hammy” MacMillan’s family) in 2010 and 2011


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  1. Congratulations on player of the day, Dad – nothing like saving the best for last! Enjoy your last day and we hope the ‘tour court session’ isn’t too bad!!

  2. Hi Iain, see you are moving on looks like you were in Quebec. Al said a you had to do the speech there, hope that went well for you just roll those r’s a lot & you won’t have to worry they won’t understand you either way. Must say it’s been fun getting up checking on you & reading the blogs, to bad it has to come to an end. Enjoy the time you have left & hopefully you get some warm weather, take care. Cindy

  3. Hi Grandad
    Watched dad play rugby today. He didn’t play last week so got picked for the 2’s. They decided he should play at stand off so he had to make a lot more tackles than he normally does, however, he did OK and they won 17-5 against East Kilbride (who had sneaked half there 1st XV into their team).
    I mostly ran around with my friends and then ate crisps.
    Hope you’re having fun and didn’t overdo the haggis (or anything else) last night.
    Charlie William Robert Hamilton (age 2)

  4. Hi Dad,

    Just drinking your champagne while you’re away – making sure we look after Mum!!! Looks like you’re still playing well, good luck with the last week of games. Can’t wait to see you soon.

    Love Fi and Suz

  5. Hi again big brother,

    How are you handling the weather out there? Been watching the forecasts on TV and sorry they are having the worst storms in years. Anyway, just to be miserable and annoying like wee brothers are allowed to be, its supposed to be around +1 tomorrow and up to +7 by next week.
    Anyway, by the sounds of it, with all the hospitality functions you are being treated to, you won’t care about the blizzards. Keep having fun.

    Love Al & Cindy, Airdrie, AB

  6. Hi Iain, hope you are having fun. You look like you are doing pretty well results wise so far. Charlie and Chris had a snowball fight and built a snowman in the back garden yesterday with the Edinburgh cousins. What a riot they all had…..Charlie piped up out of no where today that ‘grandad in Canada’ not bad for a 2 year old! Keep up the winning ways, heather

  7. Hey, big brother,
    Seems, like you guys are having a great time. Hope the weather gets better and that you are not too cold. Enjoy the trip and the great Canadian hospitality.
    Keep on winning.
    Al and Cindy, Airdrie, AB.

  8. Dad/Grandad – Well done on your results so far. Jack & Grace are enjoying keeping an eye on the Results page, checking what you’re up to. Hope it’s not too cold, keep playing well and have lots and lots and lots of fun!

    Love Jack, Grace, Suzanne & Douglas

  9. Iain – An pleasure to be seated with you at the Opening Banquet in Halifax. I wish you all the best during your tour.

  10. Paul, good to hear from you.I am looking forward to my first trip to Canada.Our chats about the similarities between the west of Canada and Scotland made me keen to visit your part of the world.Hope we can get together while I am there.
    Regards Iain.

  11. Iain – I was glad to see that you are coming to Canada and especially that you will be visiting the east and coming to St. John’s. Lew Andrews and I are busy preparing a memorable visit for the 2 days in St. John’s. I hope the weather doesn’t interfere with the travel plans.

    Look forward to seeing you on Jan 12/2013.

    Paul Duffett
    2009 Tourist

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