Johnny Summers

John Summers

John Summers

Name:  Johnny Summers

Age:  58

Employment: Construction and Landscaping Contractor

Curling Clubs:  Reform, Partick, Preston

General Description:    Married to Marjorie with three grown up children. Started curling in 1994. Twice qualified for World Senior Curling Championships (2011 & 2012). Three curling visits to Latvia and Lithuania. Other interests: Golf, Music & Travel. Appointed team manager at Glasgow Golf Club 2011


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  1. Hi John,

    Just a quick hi and, again, thank you for the great game. As you know, it was a special day for me as I was representing Canada but also proud of my heritage (Mom from Falkirk and Dad from Denny). To top off the year, my son was married in July and proudly wore the family tartan. No tuxedo in the world can stand up to a well-made kilt with a smart jacket, sporran and ghillie brogues. Fortunately, he has my father’s thick calves and looks great in a kilt. I, unfortunately, have my mother’s calves and look like a plaid brolly 🙂

    Hope all is well a wish you a great curling season in 2013-14.

    All the best,
    Jim McVicar
    Thistle-St. Andrew’s Curling Club
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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