Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Name:  Andrew Kerr

Age: 62

Employment: Chartered Surveyor – Asset Management

Curling Clubs:  Troon Portland (1830), Dundonald (1820) andAyr Curling Clubs

General Description: Past President of my Mother Club, Troon Portland, and the umbrella club for the ice rink,Ayr C.C.. Currently Vice President of the Ayrshire Province.

Played against the Canadian tourists in 2009 and particularly enjoyed gathering stories about them from their Canadian clubs as Clerk to the Curlers’ Court run for the south party of tourists by the Ayrshire Province.


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  1. Back in December at the Chartered Surveyors Bospiel at Perth we spoke about the joys of touring just as my back was giving me gyp. Best wishes that the medics get you fixed soon

  2. Andrew.
    Sorry to read that you have been poorly and that you are currently in hospital. I hope that things are improving and that you are being well looked after.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Robin (and others)

      Very disappointed at leaving the guys to win the cup without me but the hospitals were excellent and I can’t speak highly enough of the support from the Halifax curlers, particularly Anne and Ian MacDonald and Sue and Graham Harris; not forgetting our courier’s wife Judy Wesley who looked after me so well in Truro.

      It always was going to be a trip of a lifetime. Just hadn’t planned to spend 8 days of it in hospital !

      Kind regards and thanks for the good wishes.


  3. Andrew, I thought you looked familiar at the Gage in Oromocto last night. Just reading your bio now and suspect you were one of the folks that held Curlers Court for the Ladies Friendship Tour in 2010 that I was a part of. Wish I could have realized it sooner. Enjoy the remainder of your tour.

    • Ok, so it was a late night when I wrote that. It should have said your picture looked familiar and I looked for you at the Gage. Realized after that I could not find you because you are not with the tour and are in hospital in Halifax. Hope you are out and well soon.

      • Thanks for the good wishes, Sharon.

        You were right as far as the Curlers’ Court for the 2010 LadiesTour is concerned. I was the clerk at Ayr and hope you enjoyed the “experience”!

        Disappointed at missing out on some of our Tour but compensated by the close friendships I, and my wife, now have with the Halifax curlers.

        AND it looks as though the guys are going to win back the Strathcona Cup !

        Kind regards


        • Andrew
          so glad that you have been well taken care of in hospital. Working in the health care system myself, I know how horrible it can be and being away from home when sick sure does not help.

          As for Court, I most certainly did enjoy the “experience”. I treasure my trip and the memories of the wonderful people who did so much to make it so special. I am sorry that you were not able to finish your tour and with any luck at all, you will come back to Canada for a visit that does not involve the health care system!

  4. Hi Andrew. I am so sorry that you have not been well. It was great to meet you in Scotland in 2009, and at the opening banquet on this Tour in Halifax. I was really looking forward to seeing you when the East Tour visited Prince Edward Island. I wanted to see you being “Shucked In”. We did provide a “Shucked In” certificate and t-shirt for you. I survived your Curlers Court in Kilmarnock in January 2009. Get well soon. All the best. Jim Farquharson, Charlottetown, PEI

    • Hi Jim

      Arrived back home in Scotland last night and catching up on emails !

      I was glad that we were able to meet at the opening banquet but clearly disappointed that we were not able to get together at PEI. However, I am sure that being “shucked in” would have been a walk in the park compared to kissing the cod in Newfoundland !

      All best wishes and kind regards


  5. Hi Andrew
    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling your best. Hope you are back to your old self soon. If there is anything we can do for you while you and your family are here in Halifax please let us know
    All the best from Harold and Donna (Mayflower CC)

    • Hi Donna and Harold

      Sorry I missed you the other day but your toffee and peanut dessert was brilliant ! Everybody has been just superb and I can’t speak highly enough of the way the Halifax curlers looked after Aileen and Graeme as well as myself.

      Thanks for everything and all best wishes.


  6. Not known you long Andrew, but a thorough gentleman. Hope you get well soon and return to curling fully fit. It has been a pleasure to play for you.

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