Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson

Name: Keith Henderson

Age: 54

Occupation: Farmer

Curling Club: Lochrutton

General: I am a beef and sheep farmer, farming just west of Dumfries with my wife and 2 children. My family have a long association, five generations and counting, with our local curling club, Lochrutton. Formed in 1832 it is a small, rural, club of 30 or so members


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  1. Hi Keith hope you`re “feeling fit” out there !! You were missed at Stranraer,not by me obviously,I see “old shep” got an airing (via the diary) has “ernie” featured too ? Say hello to Jim Hogg,Jonny Johnston,Ian Hamilton,Don Rutherford and Dave Munro in your tour ( I`m glad not to be in that tour as I thought you were supposed to meet “new” folks !!)from me and keep up the good work guys !!

    yours in Curling Wraggy

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