Willie King

Willie King

Willie King

Name:  Willie King

Age: 58

Employment: Technical Representative (Beer Tech)

Curling Club:  East Kilbride & Haremyres

General Description:  Decent club curler who likes a laugh! Past club and ice rink president. Supporter of Motherwell F.C. Like the odd game of golf, walking, gardening etc. Wife Aileen, Son Brian who is a Physiotherapist , Daughter Helen looking for work in the Journalism/Media area. Looking forward to making new friends on both sides of the water on completing this (once in a lifetime) tour, with a bit of curling thrown in……..


Willie King — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Willie

    Hope you are having a great time looks as if your winning! (If we are reading scores correctly. -Diane isn’t sure if a high score is good ! )Good to see that you have made it past the “blue noses” and Beavers! Enjoy the rest of your trip and looking forward to seeing a picture of you holding the cup .

    John and Diane

  2. So nice to be a part of your table this evening. Wishing you all the best for the remaining week of your tour.

  3. Ahhh Willie, Your team was just too much for us at Montague, PEI today! It was great to meet all of you today. Perhaps we’ll have a re-match someday. Enjoy the rest of yout trip.

  4. Hey Willie ! Take it a wee bit easier on your Canadian friends, eh ! It was great meeting you and all your Scottish friends in Dartmouth last Tuesday. It was very considerate of you boys allowing us to win by 1 point overall. We appreciated that.
    Anyway, Willie, all the best to you and the boys. I’m sure that you’ll all have a wonderful trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. Good health, happiness, and prosperity to you all.

    Leigh MacDonald, Sundowner
    Dartmouth Curling Club

  5. All the best. Have a great trip. We ll be watching your results- no pressure. Bring the cup home.
    Bruce and Arlene

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