Don Rutherford

Don Rutherford

Don Rutherford

Name:  Don Rutherford

Age:  60

Employment: Motorcycle Dealer

Curling Clubs:  Cadder (President), Nondes, Reform , Gadloch

General Description: My wife and I live in the city ofGlasgow, close to our sporting interests: I golf at Glasgow and Prestwick, and ride my Harley-Davidson in the summer. I’ve been curling for 25 years; Canadian Tours and particularly the Strathcona Cup have been a family tradition although I’m a first time visitor to Canada.


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  1. Congratulations on your tour victory.
    Don I was wondering if you could send me the pictures you took on your Ipad of the teams when you curled at the Bluenose curling club in New Glasgow Nova Scotia.


    Haylett Clarke
    (Austin Healey owner)

  2. Hi Don,
    It was a absolute pleasure hosting you and the lads here in charlottetown, PEI. Thanks for the good memories.i see you guys won the cup.congrats.

    Right now we are dealing with a small blizzard which somehow has buried our car in 4ft snow!!! Anyhow Don, was great to meet you and when I am in the area ill make sure I stop in.

    Take care fella.

    British Karl

    • Hi Karl, I’ll hold you to that! Really good to have met you and you guys looked after us so well over there. The Cup was at the airport to meet us – as you can imagaine we were delighted to see Scotland engraved on the Strahcona Cup one more time.
      Again, many thanks for giving us a lifetime memory and all the best to you and your family. You know where I am!

  3. Thanks for the best wishes David, this tour must surely be the best way to start a Canadian experience but I hope it won’t be my last.

  4. Don..

    Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable tour. Perhaps it will whet your appetite for a province Tour to Ottawa Valley in 2018 (with Maggie as well) 🙂

    Have lots of fun, will follow progress on the website.

    David R

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