Wilson Heatlie

Wilson Heatlie

Wilson Heatlie

Name:  Wilson Heatlie

Age: 60

Employment:   Retired Teacher

Curling Clubs :  Lanark, Boswall, Heriot’s FP

General Description: Introduced to curling at school, dropped it as an impoverished student and became reacquainted in my 30s.  Now returned to Edinburgh, where I grew up.  Currently skip with my regular club (Boswall) and have recently competed in Denmark and the Czech Republic with Lanark CC, my “mother” club.


Wilson Heatlie — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Wilson, saw your name on the West list and thought “there can only be one Wilson Heatlie, confirmed by photo no change there. Best wishes for the rest of the Tour. Pass these on my Colleagues from the last Swiss tour, Bobby (Brechin) Miller and John Shedden. Biil (ex DEHS & SSTS)

    • Thanks Bill. I did pass on your greetings, but no time to respond during the hectic tour!

      Good to hear from you – now in Edinburgh and enjoying having slipped into retirement!


  2. Hi Wilson hope you are having a good time and are managing to give the rest of the west group the benefit of all your knowledge and experience in regards to travel . Not so sure about your curling . Enjoy.

    Keith & Sandra

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