Ian Keron

Ian Keron

Ian Keron

Name: Ian Keron

Age:  47

Employment:   Senior Bid Manager, QinetiQ

Curling Clubs:      Oatridge, Gogar Park, Uphall

General Description: Married to Anne, with three children; Kirsty, Andrew and Adam. Been curling since 1982.

Led the formation of the Sotcurl Coaches Association in 2003, which became the Royal Club’s Coaching Committee.

Level 2 Technical Coach – now coaching junior curlers.

Often compete with family team in Bonspiels, with some success!


Ian Keron — 8 Comments

  1. Ian,
    First congrats on your group’s curling accomplishments!
    My name is Randy Keron from London Ontario Canada. I am taking a stab at tracking down some relatives and see if I can fill in the family tree a bit more.
    This is not the proper forum to discuss this but I would love to share some research with you in the hopes that you and/or family can fill in some blanks. My grandfather was born in Muthill around 1889. Leaving raw email addresses in blogs is not the best idea so I will say in words if that is not too cryptic. My address is rkeron AT gmail DOT com
    Thanks in advance,

    • Randy,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I will dig out what records I have for family Keron, given the few of us around the Perth area I suspect we will have some common ground.
      I will be in touch shortly.

  2. Fantastic result fellow tourist and you have done Scottish curling proud by bringing the Strathcona Cup back to this side of the pond so that we have the bragging rights. Enjoy getting your photograph taken with the actual cup in Scotland and keep the celebrations and morning class going – for medicinal purposes only of course!!!!!!!

    Very well done to a Strathcona Cup winner,

    Cheers, Bill.

  3. Well Ian ,I guess you are on the plane now heading for home ,hope the West enjoyed their tour of the west and are taking the cup home to bring us to11/11 even for all the tours .If you ever come back to Victoria please call and my door is open.Say hi to everybody for me and good show.

    • Thanks Robert, home now. Great reception at Edinburgh Airport and lots of photos taken with the cup.
      Back to normal mode now, watching son Adam curling this afternoon.

  4. Hey Ian, been following your blog daily – well done to all.

    Looking forward to seeing you back on the ice on Sundays v soon – your Sunday ‘kids’ are starting to miss you – honest!

  5. Good day Ian , really glad you publish a blog dailly so I can keep up with your wins ,sounds like you have a wee bit of time on a bus every day ,hope you are having some time to see our vast country.Again thank the guys for letting me be part of your tour in B.C. , and good luck in your remaining games as I will be watching and cheering ,say hi to Harry and Sandy for me.

    • Thanks Bob,
      We have had a hard week in the Prairies with all the travel but happy with the results, even if some could be better.
      Final leg now, off to Thunder Bay on Monday, then Toronto on Tuesday.
      Your support in BC was much appreciated, all the tour say hello.

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