Billy Howat

Billy Howat

Billy Howat

Name: Billy Howat

Age: 53

Employment: Dairy farmer

Curling Clubs:  Ayr, Cumnock, Ochiltree

General: I was brought up on the family farm where I currently work with my three brothers. I am married with 1 son & have been curling for 35 year. This year I am president of Ayr Curling Club

My curling highlight was winning the Scottish Championship in 1985 representing Scotland at the World and European championships.



Billy Howat — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Billy Howat;; Really enjoyed curling against you at Souris. Sorry that you had to leave so soon after our game for the Robbie Burns supper
    in Brandon that night. I see where we have finally caught up to you in
    points for the West, although the east team is away ahead., anyway congratuation on winning the Strathcona Cup . When I toured Scotland in
    1988 it was a great feeling to win the cup over there. I imagine you will
    be glad to get home. Keith Forbes ( pin man )

  2. We have thourgly enjoyed following the tour, loved the photos and all the daily posts, we’ve had a good laugh at the banter.
    Congratulations to everyone involved.
    Nice photos Billy.
    Love from all your Australian relatives.

  3. You haven’t had any posts from home since before Christmas, doesn’t anyone love you or can’t they write. Enjoy Canada, keep fighting and play the game.

  4. Hi Billy, it was an honor and privilege to have played against you on Saturday in Sherwood Park. Not only was the game a fantastic well played game by both teams, but the highlight of the day was sharing stories and having a few drinks with you and your fellow team mates. Have a great remaining trip throughout Canada! My dream would be to be fortunate to travel throughout Scotland as a part of a team from Canada. However, I am not sure if my liver would survive the duration of the trip!

  5. And from the Somerset part of the boarders, have a great and sucessful time and when you have won the cup drink Canada Dry. (I know it’s an old joke but couldn’t think of anything else to say)

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