John Shedden

John Shedden

John Shedden

Name:  John Shedden

Age: 51

Employment: Farmer/Landscaper

Curling Clubs:  Athelstaneford; Yester

General Description: Spouse: Catriona Children: Lynsey 23,  Alexander 20. Started curling at Gogar Park CC with Merchiston Castle School at age16.Graduated from Edinburgh University with a BSc Hons in Agriculture. While at University I helped to found Edinburgh Young curlers and I am a past president. In the University  team that were Scottish University Champions in 1980 and 1982. Our team was invited to compete in the Swedish Cup and the Oslo Cup. The latter of which we won in 1982. I joined Athelstaneford CC in 1980 and have been an active member on the committee. I have also been a past Province President. Selected for the RCCC Swiss tour 2009. I am thoroughly looking forward to visiting Western Canada and winning mostly new friends. My hobbies are most outdoor sports of which curling, shooting and photography are my favourites.


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  1. Hi Johnny,
    looks like you have had a great time! I suspect a bit of reliving your youth – or just another mid-life crisis?

    Catch up around the 9th March as I’m up for the Wales match.

    Hope you have a good journey back and Congratulations on your win.


  2. Hi Johnny, well done some great results, looking forward to hearing the stories (well some of them!) I did win the knockout semi, final still to be played, mid March, you should just about be ready to curl again then! Safe home Robin

  3. Well Johnny, I see you have been a bad boy which is costing you some fines! I am sure what happens in Canada stays in Canada (You hope)
    Will hear all about it when you get back to reality next week.
    Hope you enjoyed the whole experience.

  4. Hi John, We truly enjoyed your visit and game in Powell River on Jan 14th. You are true gentlemen and great ambassadors of the game. My liver had just started to recover and we had our mixed bonspiel this past weekend. Looking forward to bringing the family “across the pond” to see you one day and possibly to curl for Team Canada in 5 years time. Best wishes for the rest of the tour. Cheers, Mike Cameron

  5. John. Awesome time with your team in the highland lounge, I don,t feel too good today.good luck on the rest of your tour.say hi to your mates.

    • I sure do and lots of pieces of kit are failing,especially the small bags from Goldline!! The curling and fellowship is amazing here. However I fear the standard of curling is going to increase as we keep going East. Regards to all. John S

  6. good to hear you are having a great time. food , curling and friendship what more could you ask for! Sounds as if the games are tight , enjoy and we hope you keep winning.

    Allan and Christine

    • Heading for Winnipeg (winter peg) -28 hre in Lloydminster.The skill level of opposition growing daily. Our team only manged + 1 from two games. Having a ball the Canadians are really up for it! Thanks for the good will. Johnny

    • Good to see that all that hard training that you did on and off the ice in your Uni days is paying dividends now. Keep up the good work.

      • Willie great to hear from you, obviously you are still curling. Thanks for the good will. Can thoroughly recommend the experience but do it before you reach 60!!!!!! Have to go got a Burns Supper in 10 minutes. Regards JS

      • Mike glad to hear you don’t feel too good, me neither. You guys know how to party so glad our team had the morning game off. However Billy played for David Hardie because of his bad knee-don’t know how ! Sorry for not replying sooner wi fi here is not readily available unlike beers. See you in July.

    • Hemmsby great to here from you! Where have you been. Missed your company are the Province Championships. Having a great time! Are you playing for England? Regards JS

  7. Glad to see you and the boys are doing so well! A great position to be in at this stage of the tour, keep the foot down. All is well here, extremely frosty and to remain so! Howden is back to normal, stress levels high,,,! glad to have them back. Regards to all. Curl, Scotland, Curl .

    • Tough day at the ranch on Sunday, unusual for the same rinks to play you twice!!! They must be good! Anyway, keep on doing the good work! Robin won the Bonspiel ! stuffing Calum in what really was a final. Weather very wintry now!!!!!!! Regards to Sean from Elaine, up to Sunday they were going Brilliant,,,,!!!! As aye

      • Hi Balour Don’t know what day it is every day the same – hard work. Meeting teams that have curled together for years-great guys but good. Trying to be sensible – having a wonderful time. Catch up on our return. Regards to all JS

        • See you are still hanging in there just!,,,! Keep on going! And you will make it! Saw Bobbie Brechin on U tube!!!! What an ambarrassement! keep him locked up! The Strathcona cup is coming home ! Well done

    • Just back from a wicked banquet.2.30am most Canaians are up for a party. All the games are pretty tight. Lots of good culers here. But playing better as a rink. Hope all well at Bankrugg say hello to DS.

    • Ian that leaves me plenty of scope. Having a ball although it is quite a demanding schedule- knackered. Here the weather is pretty awful back. Best regards JS

  8. Hi John ,bet youre having a great time, looks like youve been playing some tough teams, close results. All the best to you and team.
    Robin and Yvonne.

    • Hi Robin and Yvonne having a ball but the tour programme is too tight. It’s a mad rush between ice rinks. The Canadians are really friendly and we are being treated like kings. Had some tough games but team needing to play to fUll potential. Now heading for the freezer Calgary. Good to hear from you both. How did you do in the Knock out?

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