Hamish Lorrain-Smith

Hamish Loraine-Smith

Name:  Hamish Lorrain-Smith


Age:  43


Employment: Bid Director, Serco UK and Europe


Curling Clubs:  Musketeers, St Martins, Edinburgh


General Description: I have been curling for over 30 years with varying success at club, province and national levels.  Living in Fife and married to Karen for 14 years.  Mathew, my eldest son, aged 10, has recently started curling although his younger sister, Emma, aged 7, has shown little interest (yet).


Hamish Lorrain-Smith — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds like a great trip H – well done to all.

    Just wanted to let you know that your Sunday morning ‘kids’ are looking forward to your return v soon!

  2. H – looks like you and the guys have bagged the Cup. Congratulations. Any chance you get release it from the vaults for the AGC?

    We are looking forward to your safe return, and hearing the repeatable stories you undoubtedly have. AFO&OFA.


  3. Hamish: Sent you an email earlier today. I had such a great time meeting you, Peter, Stewart and James. I feel like I’ve made some great friends in all of you, and will never forget it. I’ve thought of nothing for the past two days, except what a great day it was Thursday.

  4. H – have a great tour. Remember you are a an ambassador for the MCC – take your duties as seriously as you would in Cham or Utrecht!

    I reckon “grizzly bears” is probably a euphemism. I reckon you may have to watch out for the cougars as well.


  5. Hamish – well done on starting as you mean to go on. Last in the bar..
    Enjoy the trip – watch out for grizzly bears.

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