James Dixon

James Dixon

James Dixon

Name: James Dixon

Age: 69

Employment: Farmer

Curling Clubs:  Swinton, Chirnside

General Description: I am married with two children and one granddaughter. Other than curling my main interest is playing golf (badly)


James Dixon — 4 Comments

  1. Well done James, you seem to be enjoying/surviving well. Ilkla Moor and pots of tae. Weel, thee can tak the lad oot o Yorkshire but thee canna… Looking forward with the Borders curlers to hearing your tales over a cup o tae at the ice rink.

  2. Well James, it is just about all over and I am sure you enjoyed the whole event and will be sad to leave Canada, but the good news is – “A good cuppa of Yorkshire Tea awaits your return”

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