Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

Name: Jim Stewart

Age: 56

Employment: Retired Police Officer

Curling Club: Lesmahagow

General Description:  Married to Lynn with 3 daughters; Pamela (26) Samantha (24) and Amanda (23). Currently Vice President of Lesmahagow and Treasurer of Scottish Police Curling Association. Committee member of Lanarkshire Ice Rink Sports Club 2002 -05.

Since retirement I have been catching up on a list of DIY jobs I avoided whilst working. Have previously toured in Ontario and Montreal in 2008 with Scottish Police and Civil Service tour, so looking forward to renewing acquaintances at some of this tour’s venues.


Jim Stewart — 11 Comments

  1. Fantastic result fellow tourist and you have done Scottish curling proud by bringing the Strathcona Cup back to this side of the pond so that we have the bragging rights. Enjoy getting your photograph taken with the actual cup in Scotland and keep the celebrations and morning class going – for medicinal purposes only of course!!!!!!!

    Very well done to a Strathcona Cup winner,

    Cheers, Bill.

  2. Jim.
    Give them hell old son.

    You never lead anyone astray at Police tournaments or other tournaments… it was me, as for Gilchrist he was impersonating a priest if you remember.

  3. Jim, Good luck on the tour. You have previously been convicted of leading people astray on Police Curling trips.

  4. Jim

    Thanks for the game today,it was a blast playing your team.
    Good luck for the rest of your tour.Pass the message on to
    Graeme, David and Rae.

  5. Retired policemen usually are the ones leading the bad boys astray so make sure the wig doesn’t waste the fun lol !

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