Graeme Maguire

Graeme Maguire

Name:  Graeme Maguire

Age: 55

Employment: I am a Self Employed Architect specialising in laboratories and residential homes.  I am also a Construction Health & Safety Consultant.

Curling Clubs:  Haddington, Aberlady

General Description:  I am married with one child. Curling for about 15 years and am secretary and treasurer of my club.  I have taken part in the ‘4 Nations Championships. In my youth, I was an international skier and grass skier and competed in World and Europa Cup races and World Championship competitions.  I was also the travelling team captain of the British Team.

In addition to curling and skiing one of my main interests is my motorbike and I have organised European motorbike tours for the past 10 years.


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  1. Graeme,

    Thank you for the postcard yesterday. I will scan it and put it into my library of images. It is even better when I know the origin and history of the picture. All the best to you and the rest of the Scots during your stay in Canada.

    Scott Arnold

  2. It was a great pleasure competing against you and your team-mates yesterday.You are all great ambassadors of the game and your country.I hope your short visit to our small club in Hudson Quebec will be remebered in a positive way as well as all your tour in Canada. All the best.
    Barry Rowland Hudson Legion

  3. Hello sir! Pleasure meeting you at Montreal-West yesterday. We enjoyed the game, and hope you did too. Best of luck with the rest of the tour; seems like quite the adventure! 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Sorry not to have made it to NS. It is a bit annoying to be (relatively) so near and yet so far. Buy are being made very welcome in Ottawa, Just arrived in Montreal now for the next leg.
    Cheers Graeme.

  5. Hello from Bridgewater Nova Scotia. Sorry to hear you are in central and not east. But we will be cheering for you anyway and be watching Dave Munroe when he curls here. Tami says it is a go.

    good luck!!

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