Richard Mackenzie

Richard Mackenzie

Name :- Richard Mackenzie

Age :-  59

Employment :-  Director of Building and Development Company.

Curling  Clubs :- Locheye & St Duthus,  Invergordon CC.

General Description :- My Wife Christine, Daughter Emma, son Alan are also keen curlers.  My other son Lewis prefers Golf.

My other hobbies are golf and deep sea fishing (caught 120 kg black marlin in Mauritius)  Best curling experience was skipping the winning team 2010 Lucerne open air tournament in Murren Switzerland.


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  1. Hello Richard – thanks for showing me those great pins yesterday while you were in Guelph , I really enjoyed our chat, congratulations on your winning ways on this tour.

  2. hi Richard
    I see your still going strong.
    you would have made lots
    of new fiends now.
    how is the ice.we had a game outside
    the ice was very fast 12 of us there.
    we had our mullledwine and pies as usually
    it was a great night.
    you would have raised a few glass by now.
    all the dabber.

  3. Great to meet you thanks for the opportunity to host you here at Dickie Lake. A true highlight for us and amazing for Bill Rothwell our good friend We will hear all the stories in the monthes to come,I am sure .
    Good luck with the rest of the tour just watch out for the real ice

  4. Good luck with the tour, Richard. I am sure it will be an amazing experience
    Keep off the moose juice!!
    best wishes

    • Hi Andy, we have had a bad day today lost 8 shots over the day so our lead is cut!
      Getting to the difficult stage now – joints starting to seize up!
      Having a amazing time and would recommend anytime.

  5. Early days and you guys all seem to be have been tucking into the sauce big-time! – Can liver and kidneys stand the strain for three weeks? Seems like a good start though.

    All the best, Tony.

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