Chris Ormerod

Chris Ormerod

Name: Chris Ormerod

Age: 68

Employment: Chartered Accountant. Ran family department store until retirement. Still (unpaid) trustee of Airdrie Savings Bank.

Curling Clubs: Cadder, Glasgow Accies

General: Secretary of Cadder for 13 years. Past President of Province 10 (Dunbartonshire) and Cadder. Married to Enid. Living quietly in retirement looking after our 3 whippets and a miniature Schnauzer, and tropical and marine fish.


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  1. Hi Christopher,

    My father Jonathan Ormerod is trying to contact you, I wonder if you have a phone number or address we can get you at.

    Many thanks Paul Ormerod

  2. You appear to have been enjoying yourselves far too much – if the blog is anything to go by. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. On behalf of all the folk back home may I thank you for your very informative and entertaining blogs of the Central tour. Tell Lockhart from me that all at Hamilton are expecting a big party when he returns with the trophy next week .

  4. Hi Chris
    just had to let you know how entertaining your blog is – reading them all ( husband Billy is on the west tour )but have to say yours is the one giving me the laugh out loud moments – well done keep it up -Sue

  5. Thanks for the opertunity to host. We talked to our friends yesterday and told them what a great time we had It was a highlight for us I should wish you good luck but…..

  6. Chris, it was great having you stay over in our house while in Brighton. I very much enjoyed the little time we had together. The guys at the club were talking about the participants from your Central Tour, how much they enjoyed the experience and your group as a group and as individuals, except for the slight shellacking you gave us….but I guess we can always claim to have the played the host card well. Thanks again for the tartan tie & scarf and the pins. Alice has commandeered the scarf and I have the tie. We talked alot about your tour yesterday. You guys are a class act and represent your fair country very well as individuals and as a group. Continued good luck on your tour. Best of health, happiness and prosperity to you.

  7. Hi, Chris, I’m enjoying your daily comments and looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday afternoon. I remember promising to do something for you, but I can’t recall exactly what it is… (I must be having a senior moment…)

    I have put up some videos and photos of the first days of your tour on these pages, FYI:

    – Bob R

  8. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog.It has been most entertaining. I am so glad that at least one Central tourist doesn’t suffer from techno phobia!Keep up the good work. Good luck for the rest of the tour.

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