Alistair Henry

Alistair Henry

Alistair Henry

Age:  52

Employment:  EC Accreditation Manager, Agriculture Dept, Scottish Government.  Retired (!) livestock and arable farmer.

Curling Clubs: DAFS (Dept of Agric and Fisheries for Scotland) and Gangrels (Ayrshire).

General Description:  30-year plan to follow Dad (Jim) who toured East in ’83.
Curling for 38 years, mostly club level but national success (with Billy Howat 2013 West) incl. 1985 Scottish Champion (Silver Broom, Glasgow v Al Hackner).  1985 European Championships in Switzerland.
3 children: Twins Sarah and Lewis 8 and Anna 6. Greatly looking forward to meeting new friends in the best large country in the world!

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