Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull

Age: 52

Employment: In partnership with 2 brothers run a mixed arable farm near St Andrews. A family farm since 1893.

Curling Club: Cambo

General: Part President of Cambo and current secretary. Currently President of East Fife Province. Spouse: Sandra and 2 children Nicola 24 and Ailsa 22. Enjoy skiing and following Dundee United FC. Father toured Canada in 1983.


Mark Turnbull — 5 Comments

  1. Fantastic result fellow tourist and you have done Scottish curling proud by bringing the Strathcona Cup back to this side of the pond so that we have the bragging rights. Enjoy getting your photograph taken with the actual cup in Scotland and keep the celebrations and morning class going – for medicinal purposes only of course!!!!!!!

    Very well done to a Strathcona Cup winner,

    Cheers, Bill.

  2. Have you told that big jam tart,Willie Crawford, that you are an Arab yet? See your manager is maybe off to Blackpool!

    Looks like you are playing well, hope you are coping with G & T’s for breakfast?


    • Hi Mark,
      Just checking your scores…better not mention yesterday! They have just found Jimmy Saville’s diary……last entry is 12 years old.


  3. Hi Mark
    Have a great trip, good curling, see and bring that trophy back. Hope you do not have too many hangovers 🙂

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