Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson

Age: 53

Employment: Owner/manager of Forfar Ice rink, Financial Services company and other retail outlets.

Curling Club: Edzell

General: Married with three grown up children living and working primarily in the Angus region of Scotland. Was first Chairman of the Board of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club, current RCCC & WCF International Rep, Chairman of the Scottish Ice Rinks Association together with many others positions keeps me heavily involved in the business of curling.

Still enjoy competitive curling and can list several national and regional successes over the years. Most importantly I believe in the fellowship of curling and am looking forward to making new friends as the tour travels around the country.


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  1. Fantastic result fellow tourist and you have done Scottish curling proud by bringing the Strathcona Cup back to this side of the pond so that we have the bragging rights. Enjoy getting your photograph taken with the actual cup in Scotland and keep the celebrations and morning class going – for medicinal purposes only of course!!!!!!!

    Very well done to a Strathcona Cup winner,

    Cheers, Bill.

  2. look after my big mate Robbie willy mays Hayes!!!! fro Ennismore Mr Ferguson or i will let your tyres down when you get home enjoy!!!!!!

  3. Hi Mike,
    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow in Ennismore, Ontario. I have a friend in Scotland who lives in Fofar whose name is Scott Purdom…small world. Look forward to meeting you!!

  4. Hi Mr. Ferguson,

    5 days left before your departure from Scotland and 16 days until we finally meet at Donalda.
    As mentionned before we would like to include your group as part of the Robbie Burns celebration in the evening event and would like to add the name of the individuals whom will be partaking.

    Did any volounteers came on board or do to have to be a dictator and allocate.

    YOurs truly.

    Gilles Hamel.

  5. Hi Mr. Ferguson,

    I don’t know if the e-mail I have was the right one.
    I have send you two e-mail one in regards of the gift and the other in regards of the evening banquet.

    I’m just concern that you might have not received them.
    Please confirm.

    Yours truly

    Gilles Hamel
    Convenor of the Donalda event

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