Greig Henderson

Greig Henderson

Greig Henderson

Age: 61

Employment: Farmer

Curling Club: Haddo House

General description:  Married ,2 children, recent grandfather.

Scottish Champion 1980, European Champion 1980,Winner Collie Campbell Memorial Award Moncton 1980,RCCC Champion 2006,Runner-up Scottish Senior Championship 2008, Coach to Scottish Junior Champions 2011.Keen golfer when work allows!


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  1. Hi Dad,

    Hope you are toughening up a bit and have woken yourself up!

    Really missed you being here this week but we all relished drinking your favourite wine, especially Oli!

    Enjoy the last week and hope to see you soon.

    Love your first, and favourite, daughter and your favourite granddaughter xxx

  2. Captain Henderson of the West,

    I am writing from your homeland of which I’m celebrating my ’25’th birthday- thank god i’m not 30!! I have to say i’m rather enjoying the Black Stump shiraz- thanks so much for leaving those out for us after many years in the cellar.

    I do hope you are scoring many curls?!

    Shame you missed the champagne we drank on Friday night- we bought an ugly house and celebrated.

    Lots of love

    Eilidh/ your second daughter xxxxxx

  3. Great to meet you & the tour members. For contributing to the Westman Scottish Association Burns Supper in Brandon, Manitoba last night. Thanks for the tour songs. You all made the night a great one for the locals. Thanks for the gifts from the tour members. All the very best.

  4. Greig ,glad to hear your seeing some of Canada ,looks like you guys are still holding your own,keeeep up the good work ,sorry I won’t be ablee to make it back to Burlington for the closing banquet so teell the boys ,I thank them for allowing me to be part of your team while in B.C. and I will always look back on the days we spent travelling together.

  5. It looks like North Winter Shore welcomed you with open arms and bottles or were you just lulling the opposition and playing the long game?

    Glad to see that you seem to have had a bye in Vancouver that allowed you some time to rest, recuperate and thoroughly rehydrate to get the tour back on track.

    Kyle’s investment in the Aberdeen Arms appears to be finally causing a rebound in the grain prices so rest assured the farming industry’s in safe hands in your absence.

    Enjoy and good luck.

    • Playing the long game beautifully Oli,heavily into the Caesars now as I manfully fight the worst case of man flu ever seen in the Prairies.Getting pretty cold here now,curling against idle farmers with nothing better to do in the winter but curl,so the opposition is getting tougher.Love to Tim and Eilidh at the weekend.
      All the best,

  6. Glad to see the results are improving! Dont worry the Farm is in safe hands. Mind you I am beginning to worry about all of the “For Sale” signs appearing. Mum seems to be ok with it though. Right Im away back to the snow plough ill see you when you get back

    • Hope you get some decent offers for the farm Kyle,curling is not going so well now,perhaps we are drinking too much.Seeing a lot of Canada,but not getting a lot of sleep.

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