Sandy Stevenson

Sandy Stevenson

Name: Sandy Stevenson

Age:   55

Occupation: Farmer

Curling Clubs: Applegarth, Corrie

General:  Divorced with two grown-up daughters. Originally from Ayrshire, I’ve lived and worked (farming) in the Lockerbie area since aged eighteen, where I was introduced to the joys (and frustrations!) of curling. I enjoy many sports and am currently Captain of Lockerbie Golf Club.



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  1. Well Sandy ,hope you had a great time here in Canada ,it was great to see you again and hope you have a great trip home with some great memories to take with you .Ever come back to Victoria my door is open so don’t forget.

  2. Well still going strong, hope all that alcohol isn’t affecting your game!!! What’s the weather doing where you are we’ve had some snow here on Friday and Saturday but its all gone now!! Both the dogs appear to love the snow and snowballs but not snowmen (they didn’t get any bigger than the tummy before the dogs destroyed them!) Robyn’s getting all organised for her birthday, invites are out so expect a list of things you need to do when you come back!!! Keep up the good work and we’ll see you soon xxxx

  3. Hi Sandy ,hope you are still party hardy and take it easy on the Canadians ,had a greeat time with you all and keeep the points going up

  4. Hi hope you are ok? And the house is still standing before you ask! Are you staying up all night drinking? Hope u are having fun and a wee text would be nice xxxx

  5. Hey looks like your having fun out there!!! Keep up the good work. Hope your shoulder isn’t too sore and your playing well. How many Canadians have you managed to get to stay up all night drinking?!!!

  6. Glad you arrived safely. Hope you have a great time and will keep track of your progress and stories through your blogs!!!! Xxxx

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