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  1. Greetings to the West team. The Board and members of the Garrison Curling Club (Calgary) look forward to receiving you in style on January 18th. Enjoy your BC experience and look forward to some good old Calgary hospitality.
    Bill Paterson – President

  2. Just over two days and counting,we have assembled a great group of guys in Metro Halifax to start your tour off.The Prince George Hotel is ready to recieve,we have a get aquainted reception scheduled for Jan.9th at the hotel after you arrive with the local host committee.Safe journey, see you at Halifax International Airport on Wednesday!

    • Hi Graham. Looking forward to catching a glimpse of your great country and renewing the curling rivalry.More importantly making and meeting new friends along the road.Bag packed,ready to rock and roll!!

    • Hard to believe that we are about to head off for what we all believe is a once in a lifetime experience. Looking forward to catching up with those from the 2009 Tour and making new friends.

  3. Happy Hogmanay, one and all. 8 days until the rivalry between thistle and maple leaf resumes. Our curlers tell us they’re confident in their level of play but may have to practice more in order to keep up during post-game socializing.
    We eagerly await your arrival. Safe journey.

    • OMG Harry – this means that it’s twenty years since we had the pleasure of playing at Weyburn – and I remember it well. Take care of them and be nice to them!

    • Harry
      On behalf of the West tourists I can say we are looking forward to our challenge. Thank you for providing the updated information, as our courier in the Prairies. Best wishes to you all in Canada for 2013. Phil barton

    • Sandra,
      Good to here from you.
      Our party is all geared up for the trip, and looking forward to our tour of Canada.
      See you on the 12th of January in Tunnel Town!
      Ian Keron
      West Tour Diarist

    • Hello Sandra,

      On behalf of my fellow West Tourists we are looking forward to our Visit on 12th January to your Curling Club. I think we may struggle (after a few drinks)with the correct prouniciation of TSAWWASSEN!

      Best Wishes for the Festive Season from all the Strathcona Cup Tour 2013. Not long now till we land in Canada.

      George Delgaty

  4. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear of your tour. As a member of the Thistle-St. Andrew’s Curling Club Board of Directors, I look forward to welcoming you to our club in January.

    We take pride in the eight excellent sheets our ice keeper maintains and I know he will pay special attention to the pebbling for your arrival.

    Thistle-St. Andrews is located in Saint John, New Brunswick (East Tour), and was established in 1874. An old club, in Canada’s oldest city, with a wonderful history and friendly people.

    I am personally very excited about the tour as my parents are from Stirlingshire. Dad from Denny (Dunnypace) and Mom from Grangemouth (Falkirk). I look forward to meeting all of you and, hopefully, will have the opportunity to curl with you next time I’m in Scotland.

    “We Daur Yi Tae The Fecht.” (our motto),
    Jim McVicar
    2nd Vice President
    Thistle-St. Anndrew’s

    • I am really delighted that our tour will visit you in Thistle-St Andrew’s. Fellow tourists, Phil Barton, Johnny Summers and I were lucky enough to see your ladies as they made their imperious progress to become World Seniors Champions in Copenhagen in April 2012. We also met a number of their supporters from New Brunswick and were amazed to hear that they were already making preparations for the Strathcona Tour. So it will be lovely to see some familiar faces when we arrive.

      • Hi Joe, I have a couple of pictures that may interest you or one of yours who sent fan bear with you. Send me your e-mail address or one from home and I will send you the pics. Richard

    • Nice to hear from you jim,as one of the east tourists I can only tell you that no one is more excited at the chance to curl in Canada than myself. I know i will be speaking for the rest of the tour when i say we cant wait to get started. We have our first full practice match on Sat in the Forfar Ice rink where we will be getting some if not all of our kit/clothing. As the time draws closer the excitment is building, by the time we play at Thistle-St. Andrews we should be a well oiled machine???
      Great to hear from you ahead of the tour,see you sooner than you think!
      Willie King

    • Fred,
      Good to hear from you.
      Plans well advanced for the tour, with first formal practice at Forfar Curling Club on Saturday 27 October when we will get much of our tour uniforms.
      Excitement is defintely building.
      Looking forward to meeting up with you at Nainamo Curling Club on 15 January.
      Ian Keron
      West Tour diarist.

  5. Hi Mr. Ferguson,
    I’m Gilles Hamel the convener of your first event in Toronto (Donalda)Mr. Crawford Hasting (that you probably know) is part of the organizing committee and would like to contact you in regards of some small arrangement. Do you have an e-mail address?

    Looking forward to meet you teams on January 19, the weather might be cold but the hospitality promise to be warm.

    • Hi Giles, good to hear from you. Also looking forward to meeting everyone in January. Whilst a few months away yet I am certain the time will fly in before now and then.

      My e-mail address is and I look forward to hearing Crawford.

      Regards & best wishes.


  6. Hi Bill,

    Mike Ferguson here, captain of the Central Tour, to say we are all looking forward to the tour is they understatement of the year. Simply can’t wait and delighted to hear about the hosting and other arrangements. The cold will make a pleasant change from all the rain we are experiencing just now, forgotten what sun looks like. Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in person in January.

  7. Hello to everyone from all tours – but especially the Central Tour. We will be welcoming you in Ottawa and I will tour with you for the first 10 days or so. We believe that we have a great tour organized and that you will all enjoy it. We will be home hosting you at our “cottages” on Dickey Lake in Ontario – we have several cottagers some permanent residents and others that will be here for the tour visit. They are all extremely excited and looking forward to meeting everyone. Stay healthy and keep your strength and endurance up – you will need it in the cold of January in this part of the world. To quote your John Paul (2003 tourist) – pope / song writer / poetist and plonker in his now famour poem “F— me its cold”

  8. Hello Robert, I am the Captain of the Central Tour and we are all certainly looking forward to our visit. We are very busy organising ourselves for the tour and making great progress as evidenced by this website. I am certain Harry Waugh is related to Jock Waugh as I am sure reference has been made to this during the course of our meetings. As co-ordinator please feel free to contact me on my private address if there is aything you need from me. Regards & looking forward to meeting everyone in January, 2013.

  9. Is Harry Waugh on Central Team 5 any relation to Jock Waugh, ’57 Tour and co-presenter of the Guests’ Cup?

  10. Greetings from Montreal, Quebec. I am the co-ordinator for your Central Tour Montreal area, assisting your Courier Bill Rothwell. As a member of the Pointe Claire Curling Club and a Guests’ Cup organizer, I am looking forward to hosting the Central Tour and making them eligible to play for the Pointe Claire Cup upon your return! Safe Travels.

  11. ite looks good. I will follow the progress of your preparations to travel to Canada for the competition. As a member of the reigning Strathcona Champs ( 2009 ), I will be involved in your voyage through New Brunswick. I look forward to seeing you all. Save travels.
    Ken Grattan

    • Ken
      Thanks for your kind comments. As you know there is a lot of work going on at the moment to prepare for the Tour. The website gives us a vehicle to keep everyone informed. I look forward to meeting you next year.
      Kind regards
      Willie Nicoll
      Captain, East Tour

  12. Greetings from London, Ontario. My name is Jack Palmer and I am looking forward to welcoming our guest to London. We at the Highland Country Club are very pleased that we are able to host a team. Good curling.

    • Jack On behalf of all Tourists, Thank You for your kind welcome. Excitement is already building here and having early contact with those we shall be meeting up with adds to the excitement and honour we all feel to have been chosen to be a 2013 Strathcona Tourist.
      Having the Countdown clock helps remind us that we’re getting closer every minute. When it hits 99 days, we’ll don our curling kit again and the on-ice prep will begin. Most of us haven’t curled together yet so there is much bonding to do!
      All Central Tourists look forward to meeting you in the Highlander Club. Best Regards until then, Alistair (Central 1)

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