Day 24. Central. Homeward Bound

It was time to go home. Since we had been a little late the night before it was decided to have an afternoon class.

The party split up and a number went on a Toronto Tour, some went shopping and some just slept.

The tour of Toronto was interesting. It was striking how much construction was going on in downtown Toronto, all high rise, although the architectural variety of the towers was noticeable . Many of these had condominiums above offices. obviously living downtown was being encouraged.
This was meant to be a relaxed and uneventful trip but, on the way back, the bus ground to a stop. The biggest problem was that we were in the middle of a 4 x 4 lane motorway sitting beside a low wall on the hard shoulder in one of the middle lots of four lanes with traffic hurtling by on both sides of us. Having called for a relief bus we were pleased when a greyhound bus pulled into the hard shoulder in front of us. However this was a service bus and there was no way he would take us to the hotel, even though he was passing. We had all got off the bus and were standing on the hard shoulder by this time, but it was considered that we would be safer on the bus. Eventually after about an hour, by which time the police had arrived, a replacement bus appeared and we all walked up the hard shoulder, shepherded by a policeman to that bus. Not an experience we would like to repeat.

We had our afternoon class, the judge seized to opportunity to strike a last blow for justice and we felt that the medal should remain in Canada, so it was presented with all our thanks to Jock. Toast were made. Emotional thanks were made by and to Mike and it was time to go.

We then boarded the bus, for the airport. We presented our baggage all of us expecting heavy overweight (note another intentional pun !) charges. but Air Canada did us proud with a separate check in to speed us on our way, and their scales appeared to be more or less ignored. Full marks Air Canada!

A swift if tiring red eye flight to Heathrow and a four hour wait for the connection, then we arrived in Edinburgh. We had tipped off the Captain, who welcomed us to Edinburgh congratulated us and told us to look after the Cup.
Into the Terminal where we were met by Vice President Allan Durno, Ladies President Jenny Bain. We were also delighted to see Andrew Kerr (who had to curtail his tour through ill health) there to greet us, seemingly in good health.
And there to greet us too were our wives, partners, kids, parents, relatives etc.etc.

And the final touch…. There was the Strathcona Cup. The main purpose of the tour achieved. The Cup was ours! Photos, collection of gear and final farewells to the guys we had spent three and a half wonderful weeks with!

It was over. Mission accomplished!