Team Canada, 2018

We have received details of those touring Scotland in 2018.

Those that played against West Tour in 2013 have been identified.

We will do the same for East and Central tours in due course.

Don Giles, third from left, after Day 1 match at North Shore Winter Club vs Team Cullen

Rob Findlay with his team at Qualicum Beach vs Team Dodds

Lynne Wilson and Lawrence Woytowich at Glen Meadows CC vs Team Hardie

No photograph of Team Dodds and Canadian opposition from Calgary CC.


Bill Paterson front right, Skip at Garrison CC, Calgary vs Team Henderson

Ralph McLean, Skip at Sherwood Park vs Team Dodds

No photograph of Team Howat and Canadian opposition at Granite CC, Saskatoon.


Jamie Hay, first left and Derek Hay, third from right, at Granite CC, Winnipeg vs Team Dodds

John Rudd, middle, Skip at St. George’s G&CC, Toronto vs Team Howat

Second Reunion – 27 February 2015

Forty Eight of the touring party convened in Ayr on Friday 27 February for our second annual reunion.

Some could not be there as they were playing in the Scottish Rink Championship Finals, and some were on holiday.

After a welcome drink and a light lunch, we took to the ice for a series of two end games, with a couple of breaks to stack the brooms.

Two teams were level after ten ends of fiercely competed curling. It came down to ends won and Harry Dodds’ team of Bill Crawford, Richard Mackenzie and Bill Duncan came out on top.

Time for a quick drink, a taxi to the hotel, a quick change and then we met for dinner.

A great evening of socialising and chat then followed.

Whilst the tour book is now complete, it was not available to read due to a delay in delivery from the printer. However, it is now with Chris Ormerod for final checks. It should be ready for distribution at the RCCC AGM in June.

In the morning we met for breakfast and said our goodbyes, with thoughts already moving on to our next reunion in Kinross in February 2016.

Our thanks go to Andrew Kerr for all his organising to make sure the reunion event was a great success.

Ian Keron, West Tour Diarist

Vancouver Curlers visit Scotland – October 2014

A group of curlers from The North Shore Winter Club, Vancouver have been touring Scotland in October 2014. Their inspiration was the 2013 Strathcona Cup tour in Canada, and planning for this visit started immediately after the West Tour opening banquet at NSWC on 10 January 2013.

RCCC Area 5 reps John Good and Neil Calvert, together with three Province representatives, met and agreed to accept the challenge of a match at Murrayfield on 1 October 2014.

Each of the three Provinces had a team out, supplemented by an Edinburgh Curling Club team. Ian Tulloch, President of East Lothian, watching from the sidelines said he thought the injunction, given as part of the Welcome, that “Man tae Man the warld o’er shall brithers be for a’ that” just might have struggled for prime position in the minds of the players over giving the opposition a good game!

Although it was the first time on the ice this season for the Visitors – or maybe because it was – they set off with real resolve. As the games progressed, the home teams settled and pulled ahead overall. After hands had been shaken, the Midlothian and Peeblesshire teams were each five ahead, East Lothian had a 6 – 6 draw after eight ends, and Edinburgh Curling Club were down by three, making it a home victory by +7 shots.

Midlothian was skipped by Sean Murphy, with Ian Keron, Ian Seath and Andy Bews. They played a team skipped by Scott Corbett.

Peeblesshire was skipped by Neil Calvert with Jan Murray, Chris and Mairi McDonald. They played a team skipped by Wayne Sasaki.

East Lothian was skipped by Johnny Shedden with Dave Munro, John Good and Shelagh Main.

Edinburgh Curling Club’s skip was Graham Young with Jim Ramsay, Susan Corbett and Margaret Nicol.

That Area 5 fielded no fewer than five players who had toured Canada in Strathcona Cup events- Neil Calvert in 2003, Ian Keron, Sean Murphy, Dave Munro and Johnny Shedden in 2013.
Amogst the NSWC curlers were five pllayers who had pkayed against the Scottish Strathcona Cup West tour at their own club in January 2013.
This says a lot for the strength of the bonds that bind tourists, and the continuing shared interests in each others’ curling.

Area 5 is most grateful to Murrayfield Curling Ltd for providing the four sheets without charge to the visitors and at a most favourable rate for the home players.

The full list of Canadian curlers:
Kim Aelicks, Dave & Kelly Bromley, Scott Corbett, Gary Dunnet, Brian Garrett, Liz Goldenberg, Clare Hobbs, Louise Horton,
Shirley Kitchen, Mae Michaluk, Ted Roberts, John Ribalkin, Wayne Sasaki, Peter & Cheryl Van Leuwen


Neil Calvert’s team and opponents


Sean Murphy’s team and opponents, enjoying a post match drink!

Summer Golf Outing – 27 June 2014 – Drumoig Golf Course

For the Strathcona Cup Tour 2013, Golf Outing 2014, 16 tourists gathered at Drumoig Hotel & Golf Course on a dry, sunny and warm day at “High Noon”, or slightly thereafter.

After a beer or two a bacon roll was enjoyed by all, with some even managing to have more than one!  upsetting latecomers, Harry and Jim, who had to wait for more rolls to be prepared.

The golf got under way at 2.04pm under the same format as last year, i.e. a full handicap Stableford Event. The 16 tourists were split into 5 groups of 3 golfers, with Alastair caddying for Big Willie. Some four and half hours later we gathered on the patio overlooking the 18th Green, and the ponds, the scene of a few lost balls and ruined score cards, for a much needed thirst quenching refreshment.

Unfortunately, Jim was not able to stay for the meal and evening soiree but those who could enjoyed a fine meal, and for those staying the night several drinks including Alastair’s “Sambucca Thumb Fire”. Unfortunately the bar shut around midnight, but after some persuasion a final round was procured before heading to bed.

The result of the golf competition followed a similar pattern to last year’s event with local knowledge proving to be an advantage with Graham edging out George by 2 points, 37 to 35.

The East Tour managed to retain bragging rights for another year on the golf course, winning the team vent quite comfortably.

9 hardy souls met for breakfast in the morning and following a hearty cooked breakfast departed gradually.

During the day and evening some discussion was had as to where the event might go next year and who might be prepared to organise the day. I can confirm that Bob Carruthers and David Hardie, although he might not know it yet, have agreed to organise next year’s golf outing down Dumfries way. Thanks Bob and David. I suspect, and hope, another overnight stay might be on the cards and hopefully we can manage to increase numbers again next year.


Group 1 – George Delgaty, Morgan Nicoll & Graham Lindsay



Group 2 – Harry Dodds, Richard Gray & Peter Malcolm



Group 3 – Bill Duncan, Don Rutherford, Boyd Houston

Talk about boys in shorts? Don felt rather out of it I think!



Group 4 – John Shedden, Jim Stewart & Willie King (with Alastair Smith as caddie)

Check out Willie’s legs!

Don’t know what John is doing, answers on a postcard to John Shedden.

Alastair just needed a white stick and Labrador to complete the look.



Group 5 – Richard Jachnik, Phil Barton & Sean Murphy.

Yes, there were 3 in this group, check the bags / trolleys, Phil was taking the photo’s and obviously couldn’t get anyone to take his group.

First Reunion – 28 February 2014

With the teams finalised and arrangements for the day and evening finalised we met up at Lanarkshire Curling Rink on Friday 28 February 2014 for our first reunion.
The day started at 1200 with Morning Class, no fines from judges this time.
A few words of welcome from Bill Duncan, Lockhart Steele and Phil Barton and then we took to the ice in our newly formed teams to complete 12 ends of curling with a quick break for a lunch of soup and sandwiches. The teams had been carefully chosen to ensure there was a good mix from each tour in each team, with most players in their tour positions.

On completion of the curling a quick check of the scores by host of the day, Lockhart Steele, and the winners were announced.
It was a clear win for Jim Black’s team of Morgan Nicol, Peter Malcolm and Willie King.
The winning team with prizes of a bottle of whisky each and the bonspiel quaich.

After a few post match drinks, we moved on to the Bothy Bridge hotel for dinner. Bill Duncan spoke briefly and then we had a few words from our three tour captains; Greig Henderson, Willie Nicol and Mike Ferguson.
Some of the group then entertained us with their favourite tour routines and then we enjoyed post dinner drinks and chat, catching up with those we had not seen since the tour had finished.

Graham Lindsay has promised to organise a golf day in July and Billy Howat and Andrew Kerr have promised to host the 2015 reunion in Ayr.

We said our goodbyes the next morning and all agreed that the first tour reunion had been a great success.

Summer Golf Outing – 8 August 2013 – Murrayshall Golf Course

8 August 2013 – Golf Outing


Group 1 – Peter Malcolm (SCC), Graham Lindsay(SCE), Alan Muirhead (SCW)


Group 2 – Boyd Houston (SCW), Morgan Nicoll (SCC), David Paterson (SCE)


Group 3 – Barton Henderson (SCE), George Delgaty (SCW), Jim Stewart (SCC)


Group 4 – Phil Barton(SCW), Willie Nicoll (SCE), Harry Dodds (SCW), James Dixon (SCC).


A most enjoyable day when 13 of the Strathcona Cup tourists assembled at Murrayshall Golf Course first of all to enjoy Coffee & Bacon Rolls before teeing off in the inaugural Strathcona Cup 2013 Golf Competition which took the form of a Stableford Event (for those non Golfers-Points mean Prizes!).  We also decided to have a TEAM STABLEFORD Competition in addition to the Individual Event.

After recollecting our thoughts about our memorable Trip to Canada the Golf progressed and the Individual winner was George Delgaty (SCW) which the rest of the group put down to having Home Advantage with a score of 38 points, Graham Lindsay was not far behind with 35 points.

The Team event went to the EAST TEAM of Willie Nicoll, Graham Lindsay, David Paterson & Barton Henderson which on paper would also have been a strong Rink at the Curling.

We were pleased that “Bobby Brechin” that well known Piano Player graced our presence but there was no Piano (Take a note for the 28th Feb 2014). Also joining us were the far travelled Loon frae Aberdeenshire, Mike Watt and the “Quite Man of the West Tour”, Frank White.

The golf course was in very good condition and after the golf we all enjoyed a 2 Course meal at the Clubhouse at the Murrayshall Hotel. It was a great sight to see the blue Strathcona Cup Polo Shirts making their way up the Murrayshall Fairways.

Graham Lindsay has offered to organise neat year’s Strathcona Cup Golf at Drumoig where he hopes that we can stay over in the Hotel (which he says he can get at a good rate) to ENJOY A FEW BEERS. These are Graham’s words but a sentiment we can all agree with.

The Golf Re-union was enjoyed by 16 Tourists. That is just over 25% of the Tour and we wish to increase this number of Tourists in 2014 Event.

Photos in the Clubhouse


1. Mike Watt(SCW), Boyd Houston (SCW), Alan Muirhead (SCW)


2. Graham Lindsay (SCE), Jim Stewart (SCC), Mike Watt (SCW)


3. Alan Muirhead (SCW), Morgan Nicoll (SCC), Peter Malcolm (SCC)


4. Robert Miller (aka Bobby Brechin) (SCW), Frank White (SCW), David Paterson (SCE).


Summer Curling

Ian Keron and Sean Murphy from West Tour joined up with a couple of fellow Murrayfield curlers and played in the Stirling Summer Skins at the end of July.
They reached the quarterfinals and, despite being the oldest team on the ice by some distance, reached the semifinals to then be beaten by a team skipped by Mike Goodfellow.
Still, they had beaten Kyle Smith in the quarters and had finshed 25-27 against Greg Drummond, winning the final skin with a draw to the button.

In other news there was a tour golf outing on 8 August, organised by George Delgaty. A report on this event will be posted later.