The WCF had their first Congress at Turnberry Hotel a couple of weeks ago and were at Ayr Ice Rink for a few ends as well as dinner.
Bill Duncan had an opportunity to get an 8 ender – 6 counting stones, the 7th just out front and Bill plays the last stone of the end needing a split on the one out front.

An expectant crowd. Quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Bill delivers his stone.

Did he get his 8 ?

Very nearly and a good effort but the suspicion remains that he baulked at having to buy all 100 WCF delegates and the Ayr hosts a drink even although we would not have charged him Turnberry prices!


Scottish Mixed Seniors

Scottish Senior Mixed

The Mixed Senior  saw several tourists in action, with representation in both finals.

David Clydesdale’s winning rink included Jim Hogg, beating past tourist Trevor Dodds in the final.

The Low Road final featured Peter Malcolm skipping Bill Gibbs’s team, but unfortunately Peter’s unbeaten record as a skip in this competition was lost in a tight final against a local rink skipped by Jim Cannon.

Other tourists present were David Hardie, Don Rutherford, Graham Lindsay, and Peter Lupton.


Braehead Open

The west tour were not the only ones out honing there skills at the weekend. Barton Henderson and his tour rink; along with Greg Henderson, Don Rutherford and Johnny Summers were taking things a bit more seriously at the Braehead Open. Greg and Don were playing in their senior rinks and Johnny was skipping an England team. All the results can be found on the Braehead web site, though none of the rinks were in the prizes. Most tour bonding was done by Barton’s rink of Steve Russell,Johnny Johnston and Willie King, who were staying over for two nights in the travel lodge courtesy of Steve. After discovering the bar in the travel lodge shut at 11pm on the Friday night Weatherspoons at Xscape got most of our custom. Steve was also providing team colours for the weekend and he was right, even if the curling wasn’t up to tour level we did look good! Four games played, one win doesn’t look good but the quality of opposition was excellent. First game lost by one shot to Murray Young…..eventual high road finalists. Second game lost by two shots to Dutch masters Van Dorp, so not to shabby for a bit of practice ahead of Forfar. It was a great get together and we must thank Steve again for the organisation and sponsorship of our rink.  With four games; two breakfasts, one lunch, and one dinner, we think we may be able to keep this up for a week but will need more practice to enable us to get through January unscathed!


Willie King

Practice Matches

The latest gathering of tourists was on Sunday 7 October at Murrayfield Curling Rink. Fifteen of the West Tour group plus one from the Central tour met up and played a series of short games against each other. The teams were:

West Team 4: Jim Cullen, Ian Keron, Phil Barton, Frank White

West Team 2: Billy Howatt, John Shedden, Archie Kerr, Ian Borland

West Team 5: Harry Dodds, George Delgaty, Robert Miller, Wilson Heatlie

Mixed Team: Mike Watt, Alan Muirhead, Harry Waugh, Boyd Houston

Each team played two ends against each other, with a final bonus end completed before the bell rang for the end of the session. Results were largely irrelevant afterwards but the mixed team did do very well and demonstrated just how important leads are to the success of any team (they had three in their team!).

As usual we gathered in the bar afterwards and enjoyed some banter over the good and not so good shots that were played and discussed latest arrangements for the tour.

All agreed it was an excellent opportunity to get to know team mates and other tourists.

Thanks to Murrayfield for providing excellent curling ice and looking after us all so well on and off the ice.

Next step is Forfar on 27 October when the whole squad will gather for a practice day.

The 16 tourists after a fun practice session at Murrayfield


Dumfries IceBowl 20th Birthday Bonspiel

Last weekend saw an early start for some tourists. Jim Hogg, Johnny Summers, David Paterson and Andrew Kerr got together as a team for the first time. They started with a couple of solid victories, followed by a hard fought peel against the eventual winners, before losing their final game to a rink skipped by fellow tourist David Hardie, playing with Crocketford, who finished as runners up. They did get among the prize money though, with the most ends won.

Another tourist, Stewart Robertson, playing with New Abbey, won 3 out of 4 to win the Low Road.

Stirling Summer Skins

Skins starts Friday 3 August. Any tourists playing in the competition?

Ian Keron and Hamish Lorrain-Smith played Friday and Saturday. Steve Russell was seen in the bar on Saturday watching his son play. Another tourist was seen playing on Saturday afternoon, but can you identify the mystery tourist?