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  1. Hi: I am helping with the arrangements for the Strathcona games at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club. We are having signs made up for the score board and I wanted to confirm the Skip names for the Central Tour.
    Please confirm that the 5 Central Tour Scottish Skips will be as posted on the web site:
    Rink 1: Mike Ferguson (Team Captain & Skip)
    Rink 2: Lockhart Steele (Vice Captain & Skip)
    Rink 3: Rae Graham (Skip)
    Rink 4: Hamish Lorrain-Smith (Skip)
    Rink 5: Ian Macpherson (Skip)

  2. Good afternoon / evening in Scotland – we are certainly looking forward to “hosting” the Central tour at our homes on January 18th. We live on a small lake and all homes have views of the lake and access to it – should it be frozen. Will make for an enjoyable visit for everyone – all of your “hosts” are very enthusiastic and looking forward to meeting everyone.

    We have one question / concern. A number of the “hosts” have pets that are resident – mainly dogs – and we need to know if there is anyone on the tour that might be alergic so we can make the appropriate arrangements to ensure proper accommocation.

    Other than that we are finalizing the plans for your stay and looking forward to your arrival.

    Best regards

    • Bill
      I am sorry that I have not replied before and I hope that there has been an official response to your question.
      As a member of the Central Tour, I can say that we are looking forward to joining and meeting you all.
      Kind Regards

      • Graeme – we too are looking forward to meeting everyone. Not sure if you remember but we met in 2009 during the Canadian tour – you drove our team to Roy Black’s house for a great dinner and evening. Let’s hope the weather is not too cold and the snow holds off while you are here – not many ski hills on the Central tour so no need to pack your skis.

        Best regards

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