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Chris Ormerod

Name: Chris Ormerod

Where are you from?
Born in Bradford, Yorkshire but moved to Scotland aged 1. (Still a fervent Yorkshireman whilst supporting Scotland!)

Chartered Accountant qualified 1967. Spent 15 months on graduate training in Harrods – then part of House of Fraser – before joining the family departmental Store ( John Orrs, Airdrie) which was founded in 1857 by my great great grandfather. Managing Director from 1976 until we closed in 2007. Retired since 2008. Have also been an (unpaid!) Trustee of the Airdrie Savings Bank since 1978 and President of the Bank on two occasions. Proud of the Banks unsullied – indeed enhanced – reputation throughout the banking crisis.

Age, family details?
I am 68. Married to Enid. 2 children in London and two step-sons in Glasgow.

What is your club/are your clubs?
Cadder, Glasgow Accies.

Proudest achievement in curling?
Off-ice – creating and developing a scheme for Braehead Curling Development Group to save small clubs from paying VAT. (Saved over £6K in first year.)
Developing Cadder from a slightly struggling club of 22 members to one with now 55 members curling at all levels of the game.
On-ice: whitewashing the favourites in the Province Pairs Final!

What are you doing now in curling?
immediate Past President of Tenth Dunbartonshire Province. Secretary of Cadder for past 13 years. Cadder webmaster (curlwithcadder.wordpress.com)
What motivated you to come on tour?
Having heard from previous tourists, I wanted to experience a tour before I became too decrepit to be able to do the curling and the socialising!

What are you most looking forward to/what have you enjoyed most about tour?
Enjoying the great Canadian curling and hospitality!

Any specific roles in the tour planning and/or during the tour?
Diarist for the Central Tour. Developing the use of iPads with the other diarists. Editor-elect for the Tour Book.

Other sports?
Played senior level rugby and amateur football. Now enjoy all sports as spectator.

Other interests. Our dogs (3 whippets and a Miniature Schnauzer). Lure coursing with the whippets. Marine reef fish keeping.
Anything else of interest Now enjoying our newly acquired cottage in North Northumberland, walking – well usually running ! – the whippets on the empty beaches.


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  1. Hi Chris
    I’m Paul Ormerod, son of Jon and Marie ormerod. My dad would like to write to you, have to be by post as email has passed him by, although I could email. Unfortunately my mother has just passed away.
    Remember have tea at you store

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