West – Ian Borland

Ian Borland
Name: Ian Borland

Where are you from : Elderslie, Ayr, Edinburgh, Dunfermline.

Occupation: Insurance Broker, MD Furniture Retailer (6 months), Insurance Broker self employed. Retired 2005.

Age, family details: 65 married forever, no kids.

What is your club: Dunfermline.

Proudest achievement in curling:
Probably going on this Tour.

What are you doing now in curling:
Sweeping a lot.

What motivated you to come on tour:
My Club’s history of Tourists.

What are you most looking forward to/what have you enjoyed most about tour:
Meeting new friends, socialising

Any specific roles in the tour planning and/or during the tour:
Meeting friends we met in China this year. Meeting an Uncle in Toronto.

Other sports/interests:
Bowling, dog (Golden Retriever) walking, travelling.


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