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My Name is Joe Barry
Age 57
Wife Maggie
Children: Catherine, Daniel
Grandchildren: Oliver, Clare, Madeline, Sophie, George, Elizabeth
Occupation: Farmer
Curling since 1992
No particular curling achievements of my own but my wife is the current Ladies’ Seniors Champion and World Silver Medalist
If you ask any any former Strathcona tourist about their trip, a seraphic smile appears on their faces. They may struggle to describe their experience but they all say, “If you get the chance to go, you have got to take it.”
Now we are halfway through the 2013 East tour, we are beginning to understand how they felt. A look at a typical day in our packed itinerary may describe – morning class – breakfast – bus – curling – lunch – bus – curling – hotel checkin – banquet – speeches – entertainment. However, these are merely the bare bones which are fleshed out by the people and places we encounter. Sure, the curling is important with its frustrating defeats and surprising wins, but it is the people we meet that really makes this such a memorable experience. Prominent among the various organisers are the members of the previous fours to Scotland who have a chance to proudly wear their tour blazers once more. Together with their wives and families they have welcomed us into their hearts and homes as if we were long lost friends.
I am the bearer of Robert the tour mascot with its bandaged leg. Named after Robert Anderson who was meant to be my skip on this tour but who tragically broke his leg is November. I know he is with us in spirit and he is the fifth member of our team. Equally sad is the withdrawal from the tour of Andrew Kerr who is languishing in hospital in Halifax.
I must include a tribute to our first courier Bill Wesley who has been the 21st man on our team and a dear friend and guide to all.

Joe Barry




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  1. rumour over here has it that some neglected wives are being sent not only one but perhaps 2 bouquets of flowers by their other halves.i think i might be a tad suspicious if i received one from joe! just don’t forget the curling shoes.
    keep up the hard work you poor dears you are doing ever so well!

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