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Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton

Name- Iain Hamilton
Where from-Born in Kirkintilloch, ten miles north of Glasgow. Kirkintilloch means the” fort at the end of the ridge”, originally the site of a Roman fort on the Antonine wall.Being born in Kirkintilloch makes me a ” Caurnie”
Occupation-A civil engineer by profession,now retired. I concluded my career with Renfrewshire Council. Renfrewshire was not only the seat of the Stewart Kings but also the location of the first written record of a curling match between a priest and a lay member of Paisley Abbey.
Age/Family- 67 years old. Wife Debbie. Son Chris and twin daughters Suzanne and Fiona. Chris has Charlie 2yrs old and his wife Heather is due to give birth in March to a second baby. Suzanne and Douglas have Jack 8yrs and Grace 6yrs. Fiona is recently engaged and will marry Oliver in August.
Clubs-Alma, Nondescripts,Cadder and Gadloch
Achievements in Curling-Have won the Glayva Wk/end at North West Castle Hotel twice. Qualified for the finals of the Scottish Masters in March 2013.
Now in Curling – Looking forward to the Grand Masters in two years time. Anyone looking for a third ?
Motivation- I have enjoyed my curling since my wife decided we could participate together at curling and the tour is the culmination of all the enjoyment I have had from the sport.
Looking Forward to- I am looking forward to visiting Canada and hopefully meeting guys who were on the last Scottish tour. My brother has lived in Airdrie near Calgary for forty years and I have not yet visited Canada.
Specific Role – Designed the tour badge
Other Sports-Played rugby. Now watch my son play and enjoy the ‘after game chat’. Play bowls in the summer. Won two competitions in 2012
Interests-Enjoy dinner parties, eating out and holidaying to new destinations. Member of a small walking club.


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  1. Congratulations on player of the day, Dad – nothing like saving the best for last! Enjoy your last day and we hope the ‘tour court session’ isn’t too bad!!

  2. Congratulations grandad, I’m very proud. I was at soft play today and mummy said I was also player of the day.
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, and I don’t just mean the huge present you’ve bought me.
    Congratulations again.
    Charlie x

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