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Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Name: Andrew Kerr

 Where are you from:  Born in Edinburgh where I spent the first 25 years of my life. Lived in Troon, Ayrshire since 1975 but still an incomer ! 

Occupation: Retired in October 2012 to concentrate on curling ahead of the Tour ! Chartered Surveyor by profession involved with asset management of offices and industrial property. Most of my career was spent with BAA, the airport operator, at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Prestwick Airports with the last 8 years acting for an offshoot  of BT’s Pension Fund in the management of Scotland’s largest business park in Glasgow. 

Age, family details : 62 years of age on my last birthday and hoping the Tour doesn’t kill me !!

Married to Aileen (a Weegie !) since 1975. She couldn’t bring herself to live in Edinburgh and in the ensuing stand off we decided to live in “neutral” Troon where we have been ever since.

Two kids, both happily married, Graeme, a Planner working on wind turbines, married to Jo with 4 year old (going on 14 !) Katie and 1 year old Marie, and Gillian, a teacher, married to Chris with 7 month old Cameron. Graeme and Jo live in Linlithgow and Gillian and Chris live outside Aberdeen.

What is your club/are your clubs : My Mother Club is Troon Portland which dates back to 1830 and I am also a long time member of Dundonald Curling Club which is even older, dating from 1820. Both clubs play out of Ayr Ice Rink and I am also a member of the umbrella, Ayr Curling Club. 

Proudest achievement in curling : Being President of Troon Portland during the celebrations to mark their 175th anniversary.

Also Past President of Ayr Curling Club. 

What are you doing now in curling : Getting in as much practice as possible !  Ayrshire Province Vice President and Secretary / Treasurer of Dundonald Curling Club.

What motivated you to come on tour : As Clerk for the Curlers’ Court run for the 2009 Canadian Tourists by the Ayrshire Province I enjoyed corresponding with clubs and individuals back in Canada to get gossip on the tourists to use at the Court.

I then had the privilege of playing against the 2009 Tour and home hosting two of them.        

What are you most looking forward to/what have you enjoyed most about tour :        Hopefully catching up with some of the 2009 Tourists and those I had been in contact with. 

Any specific roles in the tour planning and/or during the tour :                                                                                           Morning class ! as a front end donkey I anticipate being in need of liquid sustenance !

Other sports :During the summer I catch up with the wife not to mention catching up with all the chores around the house and garden.

Other interests : In my younger days (kicked out at 40) I was active in Round Table but I suspect a divorce might be in the offing if I was to get involved in anything else !

 Anything else of interest : Big fan of the celtic rock band, Runrig, featuring Bruce Guthro from Nova Scotia and Scottish folk and ceilidh music in general.

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