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Richard Gray

Richard Gray


Richard Gray

Where are you from

Born half way between Carluke and Lanark

Still living half way between Carluke and Lanark!


Worked as a Chartered Accountant for many years both within and outwith the profession. Was Financial Controller of a large cash and carry organisation based in Glasgow for a number of years in the 1990’s. Later was Finance Director of a group of companies with interests in property and construction.

Age, family details

Married with two grown up sons, both living and working in Scotland – one based in Glasgow, the other in Edinburgh.

What is your club/are your clubs

Have been a member of Lanark Curling Club since 1972. Other clubs of which I have been a member in the past are Cadzow Curling Club, based in Hamilton and Carrington Curling Club, when I lived in Edinburgh for a spell.

Proudest achievement in curling

Would have to be qualifying to represent Scotland at the European Championships in Copenhagen in 1986. I played third to Lindsay Scotland that year and whilst we did not win, we were not last either and the memory of curling at international level is a memory I cherish.

What are you doing now in curling

Touring Canada! Have just completed four years as a member of the Area Standing Committee of the RCCC, during the majority of which period I convened the Coaching Committee. I have been Treasurer of Lanark Curling Club for longer than I care to remember, although I seem to recall that I was Secretary for about as long before that…

What motivated you to come on tour

Anyone to whom one speaks who has toured Canada speaks so highly of the experience.

What are you most looking forward to/what have you enjoyed most about tour

The curling and the crack…

Any specific roles in the tour planning and/or during the tour

My recent foray into the world of photography led me to take headshots of all tour participants early in the preparatory stages, although I do not plan to photograph actively whilst on tour. For one thing I won’t have my camera gear with me!

Other sports

I enjoy a round of golf but am probably what is termed a fair weather golfer. One of my sons is a scratch player. My grandfather too played the game very well. Shame this level of skill skipped my generation!

Other interests

Travel. Walking in the hills or on the coast of Scotland. These pursuits fit well with my interest in photography. My camera is usually an ever present companion.

Anything else of interest

Is that not enough already? It’s nearly the cocktail hour!

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