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Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson

Name: Keith Henderson

Born in Dumfries 13th March 1958, to William and Isobel Henderson and a younger brother to Scott .

My family have farmed in the Stewartry area of Dumfries and Galloway for many years, Carswadda, which is the name of our home farm, has been farmed by the Henderson’s since 1901, when my Great Great Grandfather came as a tenant from another local farm. Over the years my family has steadily built up the business and today in partnership with my brother Scott and recently joined by Scott’s son Neil and my son Stuart we now farm around 2000 acres rearing and finishing beef cattle, although we do have a small flock of sheep also.

I met my wife Annette in 1982 via young farmers, she was a member of our neighbouring club and we first met on the hockey pitch (not ice hockey) when her dribbling caught my eye, so I gave her a tissue and we got talking. We both enjoyed taking part in sports, both of us played hockey for our local teams and also shared an interest in curling. We were married in October 1984, no pre-marital co-habitation allowed back then, you would understand if you have ever met Annette’s mum. In 1987 our son Stuart was born followed in 1989 by daughter Louise. As mentioned earlier Stuart has finished his education and is now back working in the family business. Louise for her part graduated from Stirling University two years ago, with a degree in environmental geography, this was during the height of the recession and so she has struggled to get a job, other than some bar work. However Louise and Seonaid, a school friend of hers, recently had an opportunity to open a small tearoom in Dumfries. So the two of them now run Nonalous’, the best Tearoom in the region, not that I’m biased or anything.

I have curled for Lochrutton curling club for 38 years, it is a small rural club of about 30 members, the rest of the family are also members along with nephew Neil. Lochrutton was founded in 1832 and there is an Iain Henderson mentioned in the original minutes when the club was formed, although I cannot say for certain that this is a relation, my family have had a long association with the club. I am a past chairman and the current treasurer, how do you think I can afford to go on tour. I am also privileged to have been a past Stewartry Province chairman. Essentially I am a club curler but have enjoyed occasional success in province competitions, there are also open leagues at Dumfries Icebowl which I greatly enjoy playing in and have managed to top all the divisions at some time or other.

My proudest moment in curling, so far, was last year when son Stuart and nephew Neil and eight other local lads, including Scott Robertson son of Stewart Robertson a fellow tour member, set the Guinness world record for the longest curling match, the buzz and excitement around the Dumfries Icebowl for those few days was absolutely tremendous. Everyone involved with the huge task of organising and staging the whole event should be immensely proud of their achievement, they certainly raised the profile of our sport in our area.

Having had the privilege of being involved in all the Canadian tours to Scotland since the eighties and having enjoyed not only the curling but also the social interaction (the banter) I am really looking forward to the challenges the tour will bring, the doc says not to worry about my liver it’s well pickled already. Bring it on.


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  1. Good to see you managed to overcome Dumbartonshire- good luck for the rest of the competition from the Inverness boys

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