East – Peter Lupton

Peter Lupton

Peter Lupton

Name: Peter Lupton

Age: 63

Employment: Retired Civil Servant was a District Manager in Department of Work and Pensions

Curling Club: Kirkmabreck

General: I am a widower with 3 grown up children. I play golf in the summer and am an avid follower of The Rangers FC. I am a member of the Area Standing Committee of the Royal Club and Vice President of Stranraer Ice Rink


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  1. Just checking to see how the best boss ever is doing ! Still curling I take it and supporting England in the World Cup when we lift the trophy in Brazil!
    We should have put you in charge instead of Hodgson ! Anyhow, how funny is it to see Passport service in meltdown, not on my watch because I learned from the best. My son luke finishes University this year – final paper on Nazi Germany ! Hope all is well Peter, regards Tom.

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