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Alastair SmithAlastair Smith

Alastair Smith
born in Hamilton, Stay on a farm between Stonehouse and strathaven. Lived in this area all my life.
farm land is now rented, and I drive an artic for a local haulage company. I am converting the farm buildings at the moment into houses. I am sure my wife margo will get on fine with this while I am away on my travels to Canada.
50 years old,went to school with hammy mcmillian who won the world championship in new brunswick 1983 i think. and he would be my best man at our wedding. margo will have a big birthday on the 22nd while I am away! Met margo at young farmers a long time ago and were married in August 1986. We have a daughter Hazel 19 who is a keen curler who could give her old man some advise of where to eat in Canada as she played in a junior competition in Kitchener 9 to 11 November 2012 where the team were runners up.
My family are proud members of Avondale Heather Curling Club, who play there competitions at Lanarkshire ice rink Hamilton. I am a past treasurer, committee member and president in 2007-08. the mighty heather have great days and nights not only with our own competitions but playing inter club competitions through which many good friends have been made.
Having reached the dissy heights of being of age for the seniors, I am now playing competitive curling again. Which I have not done since the mid 80’s when I stopped playing in the Scottish play downs , in which my best achievement was third.
The Canadian tour has always been the one I have wanted to go on, since I studied the Great Lakes at school. Never been before, and have been looking forward to this opportunity for many years. Since being selected I have been on a high waiting for the big day. And it has been an honour  to be part of the team to go,to what I know will be a fantastic adventure. Hope to make more great friends and see part of this great country.
I have been coaching a girls junior team which my daughter is part for a few years,which I take great pleasure from. Although it may not look like it from a bystanders point of view ! Have not been coaching this year as I am on the tour, but would like to return to do something next year.Sent from my iPad

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