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Dave Munro

Dave Munro

Name: Dave Munro

From: Born and bred in Edinburgh and now living in East Lothian near the town of Longniddry in a former farm grieve’s cottage.

Occupation: I work for a family owned Grain Merchant which buys cereals, oilseeds and pulses from farmers throughout the East of Scotland and trades the grain on to end users such as maltsters, distillers, flour millers and oilseed crushers. We also trade in fertilisers (my specific position, besides trading with farmers, is the company’s ¬†fertiliser procurement manager.), seed and feedstuff to cattle, dairy, sheep and pig farmers. I have worked in the trade for 28 years band have been with the company, W N Lindsay for 18 of these years.

Age and family: I achieved my half century last April and have been very happily married to Sheena for 20 of these years. We have 2 teenage children , Karen (18) and Craig (16), and have a 7 year old West Highland Terrier who occasionally  answers to the name Hamish.

Karen and Sheena are also curlers, Karen has played in the Junior Circuit with some success over the past few years.

Curling Clubs: I am a member of 2 clubs. My mother club is Currie & Balerno, and I also play with Haddington. I have held the post of President in both clubs, and am currently joint treasurer with Currie & Balerno.

Proudest achievement : Skipping a Haddington rink to win the East Lothian Province Knockout competition, thus taking the club to the National  Province finals, on 2 occasions.

Doing now in curling: At club – past president and joint treasurer as well as playing in club rinks in Province leagues and national competitions. I have also just recently stepped back from being heavily involved in junior coaching and organising within Murrayfield Curling Rink. I am also on the organising committee for the Edinburgh International Curling Competion.

Motivation to come on tour: I am well acquainted with several former tourists from the 2003 tour and just hearing of their experiences was motivation enough. Also, having visited Canada on 2 previous occasions on holidays which were excellent, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit again and test out my curling prowess against the might of the Canadians.

Looking forward to: obviously the challenge and competition on ice, but also the hospitality which has been commend red so highly by previous tourists. Also looking forward to making life long friends with the other 2013 tourists.

Specific roles on tour: I am assistant treasurer on the East tour as well as arranging some of the gifts for the whole tour (as I write on the eve of leaving – still awaiting the arrival of tour pennants!!)

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  1. Well Done Dave, Hope you are having fun? We’re snowed in and I can’t get to the ice rink today so have a good game for me!! love from the snowy Yett!! xx

  2. While playing against you today, had we only known that you were granted the title of player of the day for the eastern tour, you may have had to endure a little extra ribbing from our team. While Alistair couldn’t find the hack, you’d be still looking for your rocks! Cheers… Gerry. Enjoyed the camaraderie.

  3. Player of the day, eh?? Nice one, bruv!! Well done you – congrats on a fine achievement! So the ‘stay off the drink’ advice is working, is it??? (Doubt it somehow!!!)

  4. Well done on being player of the day,Very proud that you are still coping with the trip.

    Love Sheena Karen and Craig ( woof from Hamish)

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