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James Dixon

James Dixon

Name: James Dixon

Where are you from?
I was born in Yorkshire.

When I left school, I worked for my father on his farm. My brother and I subsequently became partners in the business. We own a farm in the Scottish Borders. Our farm is an arable and sheep enterprise.

Age, family details?
I am 69 years old and live near a town called Duns with my wife, Liz. I have two grown up children and one granddaughter, Becky, who is 3 years old.

What is your club/are your clubs?
I play for two curling clubs, Swinton, my mother club and Chirnside.

Proudest achievement in curling?
Our rink reached the semi final stage of the Masters at Greenacres in 2010.

What are you doing now in curling?
As well as playing League games for my two Clubs, I participate in competitions at the Border Ice Rink. I also make the age limit which
allows me to play in the Auld Yins competition.

What motivated you to come on tour?
Hearing of the experiences and stories of previous tourists. Also the encouragement which I received to participate in this great event.

What are you most looking forward to?
Having visited the West of Canada on holiday, I am looking forward to seeing another part of this beautiful country. I am also looking
forward to forging new friendships.

Other sports/interests?
My other interests include reading, travel and golf. I have only recently taken up golf and obviously require a lot of practice yet.

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