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Rae Graham

Rae Graham

Name:  Rae Graham

Where are you from?

Time served mechanical maintenance fitter, now a quality engineer 35 ½ years employment in power station which is now in decommissioning stage.

Age, family details?
51- Single

What is your club/are your clubs?
Hutton – Dumfriesshire province

Proudest achievement in curling?
Winning first open competition at Lockerbie as a 15 year old

What are you doing now in curling?
Playing club and ice rink competitions.

What motivated you to come on tour?
To witness at first hand the culture and infrastructure of curling in Canada, I was advised by tour predecessors that if an opportunity arose to go on this tour it was not to be missed.

What are you most looking forward to/what have you enjoyed most about tour?
To curl against some of the best competitive players in the world and meeting new friends in Canada. It also provides opportunities to curl with players from Scotland that you have not played with before and enjoy the camaraderie of the tour personnel.

Any specific roles in the tour planning and/or during the tour?
No roles in tour planning, the respective committees have done a brilliant job. Responsible for morning class while on tour

Other sports?
Football, bowls and golf  I played for Scotland for 6 years at green bowling from 1989-93 and 1996.


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  1. on behalf of Al Wetzel, Arnie Vogel and Bob Featherston, I would just like to pass on a heartfelt Thank-you to you Davie, Jim and Graeme for the great competition and sportsmanship; Here’s hoping you have a wonderful tour and a an enjoyable Canadian experience

    Cheers Kel

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