Joe Barry’s Saltire flags

The North Tour were all gifted a saltire flag by Joe Barry when in Stirling on Monday 29th of January.He asked that they send him a photograph of them with their flags back in Canada.The first response was received today, Sunday 4th of February.This is Jamie Hay in his garden at minus twenty four degrees.In contrast here is Jamie on West Hawk Lake in July 2018, and a balmy 34 degrees Celsius.Rob MacLeod with his wife Rejeanne in their back yardRob and John Rudd met up recently and took two photos with the saltire at Sault Ste Marie. This is a border city so they took a couple of pictures with the International Bridge in the background.The Canadian side:The American side:The following are 3 photos from Yvan Roy.Patrick Bigras, Yvan Roy, Marc Brochu, Martine Legare, Mario Schiler (Boucherville Curling Club President):Denis Plamondon, Yvan Roy, Marcelle Dagenais, Denis Massicott:Mario Bourassa, Guilaine Berube, Yvan Roy, Martine Legare (Yvan’s wife):Latest photographs are from Derek White, Captain of North Tour.The first one is of his house, now that is some snow!The second photo is of Derek’s daughters with the flag outside Derek’s house.Looking forward to receiving more the meantime here is Joe’s grandchildren in his tribute to the Canadian tourists.One flag ended up in Las Vegas at 2018 Men’s World Championships!Yvan Roy & Rick Rathier in Orleans Arena

Derek Hay celebrated his 60th birthday in August 2018 and his saltire was put to good use!

More will be added as they are received.

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