Days 1 and 2, Hamilton, 11 &12 January 2018

The 2013 and 2003 Scottish tourists made up the opposition for days 1 and 2 in Hamilton.

These games count towards overall result and Canada got of to a good start.

Team Armstrong enjoying “Stacking of Brooms” after 4 ends of first round of games.

Bruce Mouat and his team of Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, Hamilton McMillan came to meet the Canadians on Thursday 11 January and to see what this Strathcona Cup is all about.

The opening banquet was a great event, a chance for 2013 friendships to be renewed and 2018 friendships to be established. The evening finished with a keynote speech by David Hay, recounting many of his experiences of curling in Canada, followed by some hearty singing from all.

On Friday 12 January we were delighted to meet the Scottish Minister for Sport, Aileen Campbell. She was given a demonstration of the singing skills of the Canadians, an example is here:

We will rock you

RCCC President, Jim Cullen and Strathcona diarist, Ian Keron chatting to Aileen Campbell.

After a hard two days of curling and entertainment the Canadians can enjoy a day of sightseeing on Saturday 13 January, before they split into the North and South parties and head of across Scotland over the next 3 weeks.

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